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Dr Oliver Florica Dr Oliver Florica
Dr Oliver Florica
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Why Choose Us

Experience: we have had a continuous presence in Sydney since 2002 and our practice has grown from the reputation that we have earned through our patients and their success and satisfaction.

Support: as a close knit team our patients are managed on a personal basis; we offer a boutique style practice where one on one consultations are standard at all levels and we believe that the essence of success in your weight loss is through understanding the many individual factors which impact your weight on a daily basis. We are committed to ensuring your long term success.”


Your package includes

  • Initial medical assessment
  • Preoperative blood tests
  • Cardiologist review when needed
  • Surgical procedure including hospital and operating theatre costs (you are required to pay your fund excess)
  • Cost of gastric band
  • Surgeons fee
  • Anaesthetic fee
  • Surgical assistant fee
  • Unlimited postoperative visits
  • All gastric band adjustment (fills)
  • After hours physician attendance at one of our hospitals
  • In most cases any additional surgery related to gastric banding
  • A hiatus hernia repair or anti-reflux procedure offered at the same time with no additional charges out of pocket
  • Access to a professional, highest quality abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck) with Dr Florica on achieving your desired weight loss target (this service attracts additional costs)
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