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Sydney Gastric Banding

If you or someone you know is struggling with obesity and suffering from related health concerns such as diabetes, blood pressure, sleep apnoea, heart disease, arthritis or one of many others, Dr Oliver Florica may be able to help.

Dr Florica specialises in gastric banding; an effective surgical weight loss solution. As a patient of Dr Florica's you will receive comprehensive pre - and post-operative education and long term health management following your surgery. Dr Florica works alongside a group of professionals to help you control your obesity and live a happier, healthier life.

Call our rooms on 9980 6865 for more information or to register for one of our seminars.

You can make or reschedule an appointment at your convenience 24/7 online

Wahroonga Specialist Centre, Sydney

Hawkesbury Hospital, Windsor

Marima Medical Clinic, Goulburn

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We conduct regular public seminars at the SAN in Wahroonga, Windsor and Goulburn.

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If the idea of a public seminar doesn't appeal to you and you are interested in gastric banding, you are invited to make a private appointment with Dr Florica in his rooms.

The information on this website is an educational resource, and should not be used for decisions about any obesity surgery or management. All such decisions must be made in consultation with a surgeon or your healthcare provider.

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